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This blog was created to provide a forum for free and independent rational inquiry and expose corruption wherever it is found. In order to obtain information of genuine merit, one must strive to be guided by logic and reason in pursuit of the evidence-based truth.

We find ourselves in an technological age of misinformation and confusing propaganda, which is constantly proliferated through every conceivable avenue. The wide variety of educational resources here are offered freely, with the hopes of promoting genuine rational inquiry and ensuring that the reader not be mislead about matters of significance.

All content published here is the product of free rational thought. The serious materials come as a result of dispassionate intellectual inquiry and the application of practical methods of conceptual analysis, and rigorous logic, in the pursuit of authoritative knowledge.

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  • Aborted Enlightenment
    The path to the truth is very sabotaged when it comes to academic fora. Philosophy departments in western universities are surrounded by land mines and trip wires. Recreational drugs may be used to elevate and free ones consciousness, but if one delves deeply into conspiratorial realms and esotericism, as one who seeks the truth often will, one may easily become lost, if he or she isContinue reading “Aborted Enlightenment”
  • Involuntary Care
    There are many categories one can use to divide people, but in the asylum, one can draw the distinction between those who want help and those who do not. One could also draw a distinction between those who need help medically, and are in need of involuntary psychiatric care, and those who do not. If someone is of sound mind, not a threat to himself orContinue reading “Involuntary Care”
  • The Mental Hospital
    The mental hospital exists to ensure that basic needs are being met, and that the “mentally ill” are kept safe and sound (monitored constantly) so that they may eventually recover (become well). But many people would probably like to know, what is it actually like in there? This can get pretty confusing when you consider the exterior society as being very unwell, and you do notContinue reading “The Mental Hospital”
  • The Bipolar Problem
    As someone diagnosed with the label of “bipolar disorder” who is smart, as well as educated in the relevant ways, and has had to endure many abuses from psychiatry as it is practiced in modernity, I can say truthfully that for most of my life the system has never given me any real help in the way that you’d expect it to, in terms of providingContinue reading “The Bipolar Problem”
  • Who are your ancestors?
    I would recommend checking with your parents, or your grand parents, if they are still alive. Taking a DNA test like 23 and me, is probably not a good idea, as the people who own such companies are not to be trusted. I am descendant of a couple of the last Canadians to ever be knighted: Sir Robert Borden and Sir Arthur Currie. Robert Borden wasContinue reading “Who are your ancestors?”
  • My Diagnosis
    I would consider myself a logical person. To the extent, that many people would consider it mental illness, especially because of how I apply my logic ruthlessly to politically significant topics. One of my psychiatrists recently said it was an “unhealthy” characteristic of my personality that I “intellectualize everything” and need to “feel things more in my heart”. This seemed quite ludicrous coming from someone who’sContinue reading “My Diagnosis”
  • The System
    The way our socio-economic system, or “establishment” is set up by the powers that be, results in many physical and mental health issues, but this is typically over looked by ordinary people, who marvel at the latest and greatest Apple products and other luxuries afforded to them by capitalism. Our institutions are infiltrated by powerful individualists who often serve foreign interests, and they will always tryContinue reading “The System”
  • Independence
    Govern oneself based on common sense moral principles, politeness, and assertiveness without being aggressive. Note that sometimes it may actually be appropriate to be aggressive but one must be in control of oneself to recognize such situations and act responsibly within them. Autonomously use the pharmaceuticals and drugs at ones disposal as needed to ensure a healthy life style. Do not become a slave to yourContinue reading “Independence”
  • “Manic” Enlightenment (Part 2)
    We must secure the resources (strength of mind, muscle, and will) in order to obtain and protect that which matters most: our women, our children, and our freedom to pursue, think, and express the truth, One must be unapologetic and ruthless in the application of one’s strength of will and intellectual prowess. Why should I feel sorry or bad if the truth hurts am ordinary person’sContinue reading ““Manic” Enlightenment (Part 2)”
  • “Manic” Enlightenment (Part 1)
    The power dynamic between the involuntary patient and his or her doctor can make things very difficult, especially if the patient has been repeatedly abused by the system, knows how it works, and is more educated than the doctor. Feeling more like a political prisoner everyday. The current approach is overtly one that is intended to shape and control me, with less care taken to stayContinue reading ““Manic” Enlightenment (Part 1)”
  • Where to begin?
    We live in an unprecedented age of scientifically advanced propaganda, and never before has there been so many avenues through which it could be delivered to the masses. For one thing, everyone carries a smart phone these days, which tethers them to the internet, which is saturated with confusing depictions of current affairs. The generation before this one was conditioned mainly through television, and before thatContinue reading “Where to begin?”
  • Covid-19: Connections
    Many people may be unaware of this, due to the coordinated censorship by Big Tech through all popular social media websites; but Wuhan, China was the location where the Chinese company Hauwei chose to pilot 5G, the latest frequency to be used for personal consumer telecommunications, right before the outbreak of “Covid 19” – the health problem which has brought the world power to its knees.Continue reading “Covid-19: Connections”
  • Notes from the Psych Ward
    The information that follows may be very shocking to most people, but something has to be done about this scandal we call our mental health care system. Mental health is not what we are being made to think that it is, because of the co-opting and industrialization of our hospitals by our power holders for profiteering and pursuing many other agendas that they have rather thanContinue reading “Notes from the Psych Ward”

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